Collection: The Pomdashians x The Knitted Arrow

  • The Pomdashians was created and inspired by life with dogs. 

    Penelope, Giovanni, Bella and our newest rescue pups, Zion and Zeus, provide countless hours of an interactive lifestyle.  We want to expand our business to include a selection of accessories for your pet and you.   Each piece is created keeping in mind the companionship between our pets and us.  Each relationship is unique and brings such joy each and every day.  That is why we choose to do a collaboration with The Knitted Arrow.  

    Every dog loves a good toy!  A good toy can provide your pet and you with mental stimulation and a task to complete indoors, or outside.  It’s great exercise for your pet and you.  Courtney offers the perfect play with me ball toy, and other toys, too.  Each ball is handcrafted, and made to provide countless hours, or even days, of play that’s engaging for your pet and you.  These balls are typically soft, and can have a squeaker.  

    The Knitted Arrow will have a Pomdashians exclusive line of balls available for purchase.

    We are both woman owned, small businesses, excited to offer accessories for your pet and you.


    The Knitted Arrow was created in 2015 as means to share my hand made items. My love for knitting blossomed at a young age of 9 when my mom first taught me how to knit.

    In October of 2017, I started making my then 11 month old Siberian Husky Nymeria dog ball toys. I was in desperate need of a toy that you could easily play fetch with inside the house, and something that couldn't easily be easily destroyed. With this in mind, I started making Nymeria her own ball toys. She tosses them around the house by herself and has not managed to destroy them nor our furniture or walls. These toys are even durable enough to take outside for outdoor play, and can easily be washed with the rest of your dog toys in the washer and dryer.